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Men outspend women to look hot this summer!

The myth that women spend more than men on summer fashion has been exploded in a report out today.

New research from the Morgan Stanley Credit Card has found that women will spend £257 on a summer wardrobe this year, but men will be digging deep into their low-slung weathered-look jeans for £287 to kit themselves out with the latest must-have clothes for summer.

The UK hit television programme 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' (Living TV Thursday 9pm) is beginning to make more men aware of their appearance and the way they dress. Julian Bennett, fashion guru for the UK version of the programme says: " There are some golden summer fashion rules which should be followed - don't be afraid to wear colour - colour breeds confidence and that’s what summer is all about. And don't forget, the trusty flip-flop is a must have."

Whilst men may be forking out more on apparel, hot weather means greater attention to beauty treatments and products for women. The essential summer preparations such as waxing, tanning and pedicures will set women back an average of £86 each, whereas men will get away with spending just £27.

Trendy twenty-somethings will fork out £481 to look the part this summer, slightly more than fashion-conscious teenagers who are preparing for a summer splurge of around £445. Meanwhile, the over sixty silver shoppers will be spending an average of only £143.92 on updating their summer wardrobes and beauty regime.


Julian Bennett, fashion guru on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy UK is here to answer all your fashion queries (and girls, he has worked on Marie Claire too, so don't be shy).



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