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The Full English

What’s eating the English breakfast?

Granny always said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but just one in a hundred Britons still start each morning with a full English.

The traditional combination of bacon, eggs, sausage, tomato and mushrooms is being rejected by the nation in droves. While busy lives and health concerns could be blamed for the demise, new research from the Morgan Stanley® Credit Card reveals that cost may also be a factor.

Hectic schedules mean that many workers eat breakfast on the way to the office or at their desks, leading to breakfast being renamed ‘deskfast’. But the research shows that just over one in ten people (13%) use the extra time available at weekends to tuck into a full English. Additionally, the replacement of frying pans with microwaves and grills has gone some way to easing health concerns. So why are we not passing the ketchup and tucking in?

One reason could be that English breakfast ingredients are sold in large quantities (half a dozen eggs, a pack of bacon including 6 ­ 8 rashers), meaning that peckish early risers will need to spend an average of £19.16 for a breakfast blow-out if they only intend to indulge in the full English breakfast once a week.

Web-savvy shoppers could save around £1.70 on this bill by buying on-line, where the average cost will be around £18.02, compared to £19.73 in-store. Supermarket prices also vary, with Asda stocking the cheapest deal overall.

Across the country, prices are fairly constant, although Londoners will fork out £2.79 more than those in Bristol for an identical basket of breakfast goodies from the same selection of supermarkets, local stores and Internet sites.

The Morgan Stanley Credit Card undertook a UK-wide mystery-shopping probe to find out why Brits are rejecting the traditional English breakfast.

Jeannine Farhi, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley's Consumer Banking Group, said: “The great English breakfast is under siege from all sides ­ and high costs are one thing we don’t want to have to worry about. Costs of staple breakfast items do vary, so it’s wise to shop around. If there are just one or two people in the household, the savvy option may be to head for the local cafe to get your breakfast.”


Average Costs of English Breakfast Ingredients

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