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The Price of Holiday Patriotism

• One in five Brits is set to holiday in the UK this summer,
but this show of patriotism could add an extra £968 to the
price of a family break.

Research finds that the average cost for a family of four for a fortnights holiday in Turkey is £1,787 and a trip to sunny Spain costs £2,556. Meanwhile, a trip to Britain’s Lake District will set holidaymakers back a wallet-whacking £2,755.

The research also shows that despite the competitive value of the dollar, it is cheaper to holiday on the French Riviera (£3,240) than it is to go to the sunshine state of Florida (£4,532).

The research also showed that Britain is also no bargain when it comes to spending money on holiday. The cost of a typical selection of holiday purchases is £7.60 in Spain, £9.65 in Turkey and a whopping £12.35 in the Lake District.*

The research found that the French Riviera is still living up to its reputation as a preserve of the wealthy. The cost of buying seven typical holiday purchases there is £13.89, double the cost of picking up the same items in Portugal (£6.33).

More people are choosing to stay in the UK for their holidays this year ­ perhaps as a result of the good weather we’ve been having. Our latest research though shows it would actually be cheaper to fly to Benidorm or Bodrum than stay at home and holiday by Lake Windermere.

Britain has some great holiday spots, but families expecting a UK break to be a cheap option are in for a nasty shock. Savvy parents should check out the cost of both the holiday and the expenses in resort before packing the bucket and spade.

A pint/half litre of beer, a can of coca-cola, a Mars bar, a glass of house wine in an average bar, a ham and cheese sandwich in a small café, a McDonalds cheeseburger and 20 Marlborough Light cigarettes.


Average price of a family holiday for 4 people for a fortnight.








Average price of typical holiday purchases.

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