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The pulling power of plasma

London, 2004 - Plasma has replaced Picasso as the must-have modern day masterpiece, according to a new poll from the Morgan Stanley Credit Card. An overwhelming 36 per cent of Brits voted tellies of the plasma, wide screen or projector variety the most hip household item.

Money spent on romantic four-poster king-size beds might have been better used to deck the kitchen out with a large American-style fridge. The poll has shown that the way to the hearts of many Brits is most definitely through the fridge ­ the UK’s second most admired household item (18%).

Those planning to watch their plasma TV from the comfort and luxury of a leather lounge should also reconsider. Leather sofas are so last season and have been voted the UK’s least desirable household item.

Items to turn your friends green with envy

1 Plasma/wide screen/projector television
2 Large American style fridge
3 Art collection
4 An Aga or cooker
5 King-size/four poster bed

Plasma was most popular amongst the Scots. Just over half (51%) said they would be most envious of friends with impressive televisions. Meanwhile, Londoners were more likely than those from other regions to appreciate fine art ­ a third (33%) claimed that their friends’ collections of Monets, Manets or Renoirs would be most likely to turn them green with envy.