Mareg Fishing Lakes, Bost, Allier, Auvergne, France
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1. 3 Rod Limit Only. No rods to be unattended at anytime.

2. No shelf life boilies to be used. Fridges and freezers available on site for bait and anglers essentials. 230V English sockets also provided around the lakes.

3. Whatever the size of the carp, a large unhooking mat must be used.

4. No sacking of fish at anytime.

5. Large landing nets to be used, at least 42'' and knotless.

6. Fish to be returned to water as soon as possible using mats and with care.

7. No fixed rigs to be used. This is to avoid snagging of fish. Boat available if needed.

8. Klinix to be used for mouth and body of any injured fish.

9. No particles or nuts to be used which include tiger nuts etc.

10. Pellets are allowed in sufficient quantities.

11. Bait boats allowed as long as they are used sensibly.

12. No litter of any description to be left. Bins are provided and must be used. It is the countryside and should be left as one.

13. Barbless and micro barbed hooks only to be used.

14. No swimming.

15. No open fires. Camping stoves etc to be used only.


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