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How to make the Full English/Scottish

What you will need

(Meal for one ­ multiply depending on number of people)

One sausage
(try and get a proper one from the butcher rather than the mass produced variety)

Rashers of smoked bacon
(dry cured - otherwise they’ll shrink and issue an unappetising white ooze)

One egg
(Fresh and free-range)

One mushroom
(sliced field mushrooms taste fantastic)

One tomato

Half a can of good quality beans in tomato sauce
(try and choose beans with reduced salt and sugar)

Two thick slices of fresh bread
(granary is better for you)

Butter and vegetable oil

Countdown to a healthy (well at least healthier than usual)
English and Scottish breakfast

1 Kick-off with the baked beans. Cook them slowly on the hob. As you prepare the rest of the meal give them the odd stir to stop them cementing to the bottom of the pan. The tomato sauce in the beans will gradually reduce and thicken a little.

2 Now for the sausages and bacon. These do taste nicer if fried, but if you eat this meal more than once a week, you’re better off grilling at least the sausages. Slowly grill the sausages first, as the bacon won't take as long to cook.

3 The mushrooms should be fried in a little oil or butter.

4 Grill the tomatoes on both sides until soft.

5 Try poaching your eggs instead of frying them. If you use egg rings in shallow water this is made very simple!

6 Toast the bread until golden.

7 Add just a scraping of butter.

8 Serve up on a large plate with some tomato ketchup or brown sauce and a large cup of breakfast tea.

9 What are you waiting for?


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