Dental Services

Preventative Care

We are firm believers in prevention being better than cure. Indeed we dedicate as much time to advise regarding prevention as we do to remedial care itself. Our hygienists are a vital and integral part of our preventative care programme. They contribute a great deal to your preventative dental care through providing advise on improving oral health. This leads to a more stable oral health and improve the outcome of extensive restorations and aesthetic treatment options.

Orthodontic Care: we work closely with several orthodontic specialists within the town in order to provide a full and integrated service. The work is available to patients from the age of 12 to adults of all age.

Restorative Care

If remedial care however is required then advice as to the options available will be discussed with you and the most suitable solution chosen. Whether private or NHS the work will be carried out in the most professional manner possible with your comfort being of paramount concern.

Cosmetic Dental Services

Through our ongoing commitment to training we are able to offer our patients the most 'up to date' dental techniques and treatments to enhance or create a beautiful smile.

Orthodontic Care

From about the age of twelve some young adolescents or indeed adults may require the services of our in house orthodontist to rectify the problems caused by irregular teeth.

Customer Hygiene Care

In every area of our business the patient care is of paramount importance. whilst creating a relaxing and comfortable ambience in both the surgery and waiting area. We are also extremely vigilant regarding safe hygiene practices.


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Professional Care

In an ever changing world, with constant medical and dental innovations, it is essential that we are at the forefront of all dental developments and techniques.

It is only by committing to a continuous staff development programme that we can offer the service that you deserve. All our dentists are highly qualified and aware of these developments.

Each dentist has his or her own special interest in areas such as implants, aesthetic dental treatment, facial aesthetics, acupuncture and many more...


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