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Your teeth make a statement about you

A beautiful smile enhances your overall appearance and charisma, giving you added self-confidence and presence.

The condition of your teeth can impact your overall health, because your ability to chew helps to determine your food choices. Your speech is also affected by the condition of your teeth. Healthy, attractive teeth contribute to a better quality of life.

Another important function of your teeth is to maintain the integrity of your facial structures. The tooth roots stimulate continuous regeneration of the bone that surrounds them (your upper and lower jaws).

Therefore, the appearance of the lower one-third of your face is affected by the presence of strong, healthy teeth.

Commitment to you

Caring for your teeth is just as important as any other aspect of your health and well being. Here at Silverwell Dental Surgery, based in Bolton UK, we take this care very seriously.

We offer all aspects of preventative treatment, Repair work, treatment of dental problems, dental implants and even cosmetic dental surgery, we aim to provide these in a relaxing and comfortable environment.


The care we take

At Silverwell Dental Surgery we place great emphasis on customer care - in other words we care for our patients as we would like to be cared for.

We recognise that all patients have varying needs whether these are general enquiries, total family oral care, dental implants, private or NHS treatment or preventative advisory care. Indeed, we strive to not only satisfy your requirements but to provide that 'extra' level of care so important to you.



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