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Holistic Beauty Treatments and "Heaven" Bee Venom Mask

The Sanctuary is the place where time stands still. During your visit with us you will feel cocooned within a warm, relaxing and holistic atmosphere. The subtle lighting and aromas will prepare you for your beauty treatments which you will experience in complete privacy. The Sanctuary is also the exclusive stockist and provider of Heaven treatments and products in mainland Spain.

Just close your eyes and drift away into the world of positive Karma while Jacquie Fowler our specially trained Holistic Beauty Therapist takes you through any one of our effective beauty applications. Jacquie will use all of her experience and wealth of knowledge to provide a tailor made personal treatment to improve your skin condition, or if you just feel the need to have a healing meditative escape from the world Jacquie will be your guide.

Surveys have proved that many people of different genders who wish to take that first step in having beauty treatments hold back because they feel uncomfortable visiting a busy high street salon. It is not uncommon to feel intimidated and awkward. The Sanctuary as the name suggests provides total privacy, no busy waiting rooms, no loud cacophony of sounds, just peace, relaxation and stunning results.

When we say stunning results we mean just that, Jacquie is trained as a Heaven therapist and her signature treatments are made in Heaven. A Heaven treatment is not just an ordinary facial or massage. They are always delivered by a specially chosen qualified therapist trained to an exceptional standard by Deborah Mitchell the founder of Heaven and currently the most famous beauty therapist in the world.

The Sanctuary can exclusively give you the ultimate facial; it is a non surgical facelift, it includes the famous Heaven Bee Venom Mask, as used by Royalty and celebrities around the world. Combined with a full Dermalift treatment the results are spectacular! Remember The Sanctuary is the only place in Spain where you can experience the official Heaven treatments with the official Heaven products; beware of imitations which are largely ineffective.

How does it work? When you apply the Bee Venom Mask which is totally painless the skin thinks it is under threat, so it releases collagen, elastin and cortisone, thus calming and tightening the skin all day, producing a vibrant, fresh, youthful skin tone. The effect stays and is accumulative.

There are many rejuvenating and cosmetic treatments available at The Sanctuary, one visit and not only could you look younger but you will feel younger as well. We like to think of new clients as friends that we haven't met yet as once you have experienced The Sanctuary, we are sure you will return.

We look forward to meeting you soon,

Jacquie Fowler



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